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Port Leucate fish market

Fish Market

Port Leucate Fish Market will be your morning routine during holidays!

All year round, the stalls of local fishermen are waiting for you! On the stalls that fill up with the day’s catch when the boats arrive, buy fish freshly caught off the coast of Leucate: octopus, sea bream, sea bass, squid, red mullet, cuttlefish, Mediterranean red tuna…

Photo de poissons sur les stands du marché aux poissons de Port LeucatePhoto de poissons sur les stands du marché aux poissons de Port Leucate
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Leucate fish market

From the sea to the plate!

To buy your fresh fish, 2 solutions:

  • Quai des pêcheurs (Technical Zone, Quai G) in Port Leucate, every day from 8am,
  • Oyster farming centre (Centre ostréicole de Leucate). In addition to oysters and other seafood, some oyster farmers are also fishermen and sell their catch in their oyster hut.

Fishing and traditions in Leucate!

Fishing in Leucate has a long history!

At sea or in the pond, with nets or traps, small-scale fishing has been handed down from generation to generation. Lucas on his boat Liberté-Chérie and his fishermen friends, guarantee sustainable fishing and quality products!

Leucate is home to a wide variety of fish, shellfish and seafood: Mediterranean bluefin tuna, eels, mullet, pollack, sole or sea bream and even lobster and octopus!

On the fishermen’s quay or at the oyster centre, go and meet these men of the sea.

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